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This page no longer contains free templates - however, you are encouraged to click on the graphic on the right to download a free PowerPoint design template and background set from powerpointed.com - the parent site for this page.


To use a Microsoft PowerPoint template:

Among the easiest ways to use a template is to double-click it in Explorer - while saving your presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint will prompt you to save it as a regular presentation.

For a more permanent and elegant usage, create a sub-folder within the C:/Windows/Application Data/Microsoft/Templates folder. Name this new folder as per your preference and copy these templates there. The next time you load Microsoft PowerPoint, these templates should be available for use. For more information, visit Indezine's Microsoft PowerPoint page at http://www.indezine.com/products/powerpoint/

About Geetesh Bajaj

All templates at powerpointed.com are created by Geetesh Bajaj. Geetesh has been involved with design and colour in presentations - spearheaded by the popular Indezine site pertaining to all facets of Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation program. He's also a recognized Microsoft PowerPoint MVP.

About PowerPointed

Don't all PowerPoint templates look the same? like mass produced patterns from a mimeograph? Do you want to add the 'wow' look to your digital presentations? A look that's avant-garde, or maybe just poetically simple? Do you want some designs to fill in a void - something that's different, yet not distracting?

PowerPointed fills that void! PowerPointed is a series of backgrounds and templates - for use in presentation programs like Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPointed is promoted by Geetesh Bajaj of indezine.com.

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